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Location Issues Might Delay ‘Wolverine 2’

You might say that no matter when it starts filming, 20th Century Fox's second stand-alone "Wolverine" movie has an uphill climb. The latest drama to hit the production is finding the right places to shoot it, an issue that could prevent the film from filming until Spring 2012.

After losing quite the prize in director Darren Aronofsky last March, the studio toiled about until selecting James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma, Knight and Day) as his replacement. Star Hugh Jackman then told fans at Comic-Con that he would film the movie in the fall and face off against the Silver Samurai. That means most of the film would need to take place in Japan, which is where the crew would like to shoot, but Deadline says that weather-related problems have made it hard to find ideal filming locations. Filming all or part of the film in Canada has become a definite reality.

With Jackman's busy schedule (he will make Les Miserables for director Tom Hooper in February), the slightest delay would most likely result in a conflict and require production to pause until Jackman can finish filming on the musical. As much as Fox could use a reliable tentpole sooner than later, "Les Miz" won't likely budge for anyone, but come what may, Fox will get this one made.


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