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Lois Lane Girl Reporter – A Story That Never Happened

Before you get your hopes up, this series is not happening. Unfortunately the current leadership at DC Comics is not interested in the series which is a shame since it not only sounds interesting, but also a great way to bring female readers into the world of comics. Via Dean Trippe's Tumblr account is all the nitty gritty details of the proposed series dubbed "Project 77." The series was pitched as illustrated young adult novels in which eleven year old Lois Lane finds her calling in life... investigative reporting!

Trippe goes on to outline the premise further that Lois seeks to write wrongs and help friends. The interesting part is the inclusion of a young Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne! That's right the young reporter's path crosses with her future husband and millionaire playboy at a young age. In general this series sounds like a no brainer to publish so it's a bit shocking that DC gave it a pass. The art style is really cool and simple, but sticks with you all the same. If you'd like to read more about the outlined series I encourage you to check Dean's Tumblr page where he has the first two books plot outlined as well. If you like let DC know and maybe they'll give it shot after all.

Lois Lane Girl Reporter


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