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Lois Lane will be in “Superman” reboot, so will Ursa

Over the past few days, news on Zack Snyder’s "Superman" reboot has run rampant online. First, potential Lois Lanes were announced. Then we got wind of the studio casting for a female lead who isn’t Lois Lane. That’s when confusion arose about whether or not Lois would be in the film at all, not to mention the wondering of who this female lead would be.

However, both questions have been answered, and Latino Review has the scoop on two things that will for sure happen in Snyder’s reboot:

“1: Lois Lane WILL be in the film.
2: The character these lovely actresses have come out for is none other than a Kryptonian villainess who is going by the name of URSA.”

It wouldn't feel like "Superman" without Lois Lane, so it's good that she's not going anywhere. Meanwhile, Ursa and fellow Kryptonians General Zod and Non served as antagonists in both Superman: The Movie and its sequel Superman II. However, Snyder has stated that General Zod appearing in the film is “just a rumor.” 

As of now actresses Alice Eve, Diane Kruger, and Rosamund Pike are all vying for the part of Ursa, originated by Sarah Douglas in the first films. It shouldn't be too long before we find out which one of the three - I'm guessing Pike - gets the role.

Who's the best fit? And does this mean Zod will definitely be the film's villain? 


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