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Long Books to Read Over the Long Weekend

Yay Memorial Day weekend! While everyone else is out camping or BBQ’ing you may find yourself uninvolved with any of those things and as such you should take this opportunity to catch up on some books that require a lot of time to read. Although, you could find yourself camping with a bunch of inexperienced friends that have one tent between five people or stuck and a horrid family BBQ or one hosted by a friend of your wife or girlfriends and instead of talking to people you can read a book! Who cares it’s her friends right? The real question comes down to what you should be reading? What’s a good long book that’s self-contained that you can actually finish reading before heading back to work/school on Tuesday? Well let’s take a look shall we?

Liberty Meadows Vol. 1 – 4. – Maybe it’s the resurgence of Liberty Meadows that’s coming, or maybe it’s just the “Liberty” in the title; either way use this weekend to read through all four volumes of one of the best comic strips to emerge in the last decade. Frank Cho’s wholly original self-taught art style should be enough to hook you alone; add in the hilarious antics of talking animals and gorgeous voluptuous women and you’ve got yourself a great read.

Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1-6. – If you haven’t read Mr. Pilgrim’s adventures by now, this weekend is the perfect time to blow through the six volume series that is very difficult to put down. The series has also come full circle with a new Pirates movie out this year (the first volume came out after the release of the first movie). If you really want to nerd out plug in the movie after you finish reading them and try to match up the different scenes taken directly from the book!

V: For Vendetta TPB – Of all of Alan Moore’s works I could recommend I’m picking this one as I feel it’s probably his best. This series is a very scary look at future for England and a lot of it based in reality… not all of it, but some. This is a very rich read and takes a while to get through due to how much substance in the pages. If you’re looking for a deeply emotional read then crack this book open and give it a shot.

Sin City Vol. 1-7 – Let’s try another classic shall we? You may have enjoyed the movie, but there’s nothing like reading the books and what better time to read Frank Miller’s entire opus than over this long weekend? Each volume is self-contained, but they all tie into the rich world written and drawn by Miller. Start with The Long Goodbye and end with Hell and Back, trust me you won’t regret it.

52 Vol. 1-4 – One of the boldest things ever tried in comics was DC Comics' 52, a weekly comic book written by four comic masters: Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Mark Waid and Greg Rucka. It’s been tried since and failed, but this series is worth the read. With 52 issues total you’ll have a lot to wet your whistle over the weekend so you should probably get reading!

Earth X TPB – What would the weekend be without a Marvel comic? Probably the same, but if you haven’t read this 12 issue series then you owe it to yourself to read this mega trade from Alex Ross and Jim Krueger. Set in the future of the Marvel U the world has gone to hell! See what’s happened to your favorite characters like the Avengers and Captain America, but more importantly see how the entire Marvel Universe is connected like you never thought before!

There you have it folks, you should really get to reading don’t you think? If you don’t have any time to start any of these large volume trades then don’t forget about our “Trade of the Month” Sweet Tooth Vol. 1 from Vertigo Comics. It’s short and sweet giving you plenty of time to leave your thoughts on the forums.


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