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Looks Like Limbo is Coming to PC After All

Limbo was touted by many as 2010's Braid and compared to many other popular minimalist platform games. It was a puzzle platform game created by Indie Developer Playdead Studios, and it set you as a young boy lost on the edge of Hell searching desperately for his sister. While story was a relatively simple one, it was still very interesting, open-ended, and encouraged much discussion of the "Game as Art" debate.

The game featured a strong art style that brought the grim world of Limbo to life as well as a very unorthodox but still powerful soundtrack. These elements proved to be very popular and effective in making the game stand out.  It recieved universal acclaim and numerous Indie Game of the Year awards by many gamers for its puzzle design as well as eceptional visual style and audio elements.  Despite selling over half a million copies on Xbox Live Arcade there was no mention by Playdead of the Limbo coming to other paltforms.

However it seems that the Limbo trailer has shown up on Steam, leading to speculation that the game will finally be making the jump to PC. You can check out the mysterious Steam trailer by clicking the following link (assuming you have Steam installed) or watch the trailer below.


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