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Lorna Relic Wrangler # 1 – Review

Lorna Relic Wrangler is a collection of four short stories starring Lorna a young blond bombshell that's ½ Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and ½ Indiana Jones and maybe a dash of National Treasure. Her first adventure shows her preparing for her first mission. As she warms up it becomes clear that her "superiors" are checking out the free show as Lorna leans and stretches in her tank top and cut off jean shorts. One thing becomes clear quickly, Lorna is a knock out. Once she's completed her training she's ready for the real deal, but this time she's not letting her perverted superiors peek at her.

Lorna's mission is anything but simple. She must run a course starting at the capitol building going to Washington's monument. From there she must take the very tip of the monument and run with it back to the capitol building. She'll then insert it into the roof of the building and prevent another dimension from opening. This is all to prevent black magic that was inserted into the country by the British before leaving the states. As Lorna prepares to leave for her mission she runs into her arch enemy, Posh Meow.

Lorna Relic Wrangler 1 CoverPosh and Lorna have always competed with each other since their early days at school. Unfortunately for Lorna she always came in second place, until she discovered the Posh was actually a turncoat for the British. After winning a beauty pageant Posh plans on revealing her love for England and embarrass and offend everyone in attendance to see her. Lorna discovers it and reveals her secret before the speech can happen. As it turns out Posh isn't a very good loser and send s someone to attack Lorna preventing either of them from winning the beauty pageant.

The two exchange bitter banter before they both have to "suddenly" run off to take of something. Lorna begins collecting her historical pieces to stop the dimension from opening, but as she reaches the roof of the capitol building she is greeted by Posh's boot. The two begin fighting, but Lorna is out of luck as a demon from the other dimension opens up, but the story doesn't end there.

The next story is a cute tale about Lorna before she became a relic hunter. She was working at a restaurant and is approached by one of the regular customers to teach their daughter how to carry herself like a lady. It's ironic since Lorna is wearing a tight t-shirt and short shorts, but she agrees since the girl is stigmatic (look it up!). She asks her boyfriend to find a stigmatic boy for the girl to date.

The third story is again about Lorna before the days of her relic hunting. She's still working at the restaurant similar to Hooters. One night her and her friends where drinking and driving and hit an old man. The man disappears and they never find his body. They hear a tale that it's Doo-Buddy! Apparently death can't keep Doo-Buddy down as he's died several times and always manages to come back. After a lot of talk and group-age from her boss, Lorna decides to pay Doo-Buddy a visit. She figures that he may be able to give her the winning lotto numbers and change her life forever. Doo-Buddy is expecting Lorna and already has the ticket ready for her. He only has one requirement in giving her the ticket; if she wins she becomes his forever.

Lorna Final CoverIn general this book is really fun and full of good ideas. The writing is consistent throughout the short stories and are all written by Micah S. Harris. Harris does a good job of keeping Lorna true to character throughout the issue. With it being shorter stories Lorna is really the only character developed. Due to the nature of the stories and the book it's not really necessary for the reader to see Lorna grow as a character. Harris does a good job of making all three stories interesting and different from one another.

The art for the first story is handled by Loston Wallace and it's awesome. Wallace's style is very similar to the art and covers of Paul Dini's Jingle Belle. The art style is very cartoony, but in a very mature way. After all, Lorna is basically a sex object to the men around her even though she's rather intelligent. Wallace really captures the characters look and does the best out of the three stories. The other two artists both have completely different styles which work for their individual stories, but I can't say that they were very fitting for the book as a whole. Wallace's style gives the book a very distinct look and feel and that's not something the other two artists could capture. The issue has pin-ups spread throughout the book as well and several of those pinups are quite good and break up the stories so that they don't run together.

I really enjoyed Lorna and I'm looking forward to future stories and adventures from her. The book was just a fun adventure story starting a beautiful blonde that can melt your heart. It didn't take itself too seriously and at times seemed a little self-aware, but it really worked for the story. If you enjoyed books like Jingle Belle, then I would definitely say that this book is for you since they are very similar. Hopefully if there are future issues of the book we'll be treated to just one team giving us the best product they can.

1st Story – 9.5
2nd Story – 7.5
3rd Story – 8.0
Overall – 8.3


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