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Lost – LAX, Parts 1 and 2

Move aside, Damages. Get out of the way, 24. The men and women who have helped model one of the greatest serial television shows of all time are back with a vengeance, bringing the same level of intrigue and mystery as always. Lost has made a habit out of reinventing themselves each season, changing the game in ways that most writers and directors wouldn't dare to do. Where some shows play it safe from season to season, rarely departing from the same tired format, Lost has been able to change the game every season and keep people interested. The story may be confusing as hell and leave millions of people each week screaming at their televisions, but it's important to realize that Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have an endgame in mind. If you remember that, as I do, the show is that much more enjoyable.

These two hours were chock full of little scenes that confused me, kept me interested, made me ask myself question after question. And as for answers? Well, you'd have to watch it for yourself.

I'll start with what diapponted me: There was nothing wrong with any of the scenes in terms of story. However, there was a little bit too much going on. That's nothing against the show. Lost has sort of set itself up for this with Locke and Ben in 2007, the rest of the survivors back in 2007 and now a parallel universe with everybody back on Oceanic 815. The stories aren't given as much time as usual. It's a little disappointing that we don't get to see a more of the island people, but I have a feeling that this parallel universe is going to really come to play a big role.

Other than that, it was the same high quality Lost to which we are accustomed. There were some incredible moments that I'm sure a few Lost fans have been waiting for forever. I'm specifically thinking about the scene where Locke quickly changes into the smoke monster, annihilating a good portion of Jacob's army, leaving Ben to sit in horror as Locke turns back into human form and claiming "Sorry you had to see me like that." Now if that's not enough confirmation that the Man in Black is the Smoke Monster, I don't know if there's anything that will convince people otherwise. The conversation between Ben and Locke near the end of the episode was especially revealing, as was Locke's cryptic comment to Richard. The identity of the Man in Black is beginning to come more into focus, and it's only a matter of time before we learn the whole story. It's unfortunate that more time couldn't be focused on Locke and the rest of the people on this side of the island, but I'm assuming we'll have plenty of time to spend on them.

If there's anything in this episode that made it completely worth the long eight or nine month long wait, it was the entire Temple plot. The Temple has been referenced over and over again since Season 3, and on seeing it, it only raises even MORE questions, something that may seem a bit disheartening going into a show that should be answering questions in its final season. However, it gives the show a new slant, something different to work with. This Japanese guy (appearently his name is Dogan?) who seems to run the Temple is my favorite new character right now, if only because there's so much mystery surrounding him. In fact, there seems to be hundreds of layers of mystery surrounding the entire Temple. What about the Hourglass that the Japanese guy flips over? The pool of water Sayid is dipped in? What in the hell is going on?! It seems Lindelof and Cuse are still capable of doing their job: confusing everyone out of their mind. Sayid coming back to life completely blew my mind, and hopefully, this will be addressed next episode.

As for the parallel universe plot, it's interesting, if not a little dull. With everything happening on the island, cutting back and forth to a parallel universe where the survivors never crashed seems a little weird. But then again, at the same time, it's really weird how there are a lot of parallels between what happened after they crashed and what happened after they landed. In the Pilot episode, Jack needs a pen from Boone, and as it turns out, he ends up needing a pen on the plane as well. In a way, this is almost supporting John Locke's original theory of destiny; these characters land on the other side, but still seem incapable of avoiding each other. Also, why is Desmond on the plane? He should be on the island hitting the button.. oh wait, the island is underwater and appears to be a ghost town.. if you're head isn't spinning by now just reading the recap, than I'm sure it'll be exploding by the time you watch it. It's nice to see Claire back, even if it's only in the parallel universe so far, and it's very nice to see Charlie back. The parallel universe was a nice way to re-introduce us to some characters that we haven't seen in a very long time. However, the slight changes make it a bit eerie.. for instance, Hurley being the luckiest person in the world as opposed to the most cursed? Desmond being on the plane instead of the Island? Charlie saying he was supposed to die after Jack saves him? Just some weird stuff.

What an episode! Lost certainly has left the audience with more questions than they probably anticipated coming into this episode, but it appears that we have nowhere to go but the end now. Answers will surely come, but until then, I'm fine with just watching and seeing how each individual plot plays out. We've invested so much time into these characters that it feels like even episodes that aren't as intense will be important and interesting. Hopefully, we learn a little bit more about The Temple and Jacob's people, about the history behind Jacob and the still mysterious Man in Black and about what in the world is going on in the alternative universe (It's also nice to see that next week's promo barely revealed anything. It's a shame when the promos ruin all the good parts.)


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