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Lost – “Lighthouse”

After the superb episode last week, Lost returns with an equally powerful, although very different episode. One thing I've noticed so far is that the action hasn't been quite at the forefront of the show like previous seasons, although the dialogue among characters and the development of each person has been superb. Not since Season 1 have we had such great interactions between characters. And I'll tell you right now, I'm sure we'll have plenty of action to go around in the upcoming episodes, but for now, I'm really liking this season. Every episode feels as if a twist could occur at any moment.

Although I haven't been the biggest fan of these sideways universe scenes, this was probably the best one so far. I've always thought that Matthew Fox played Jack perfectly and that he was underrated when placed next to Michael Emerson and the other excellent supporting cast. However, he really stole the show in this episode. He had the perfect balance of emotion and anger. And the sideways universe continues to show its odd connections to the stuff going on on the Island, including a surprise appearance by Dogen, and Jack's appendix scar that he got in the episode "Somewhere Nice Back Home," back when life was easy in Season 4 and the survivors only had to worry about Widmore's freighter.  Jack's mother tells him he got it when he was seven, but something tells me Jack suspects otherwise. And as for Jack's son in the alternate universe? A very interesting twist, which paid off in terms of acting. This allowed us to see the fatherly side of Jack, which was very different from Jack the Leader from earlier seasons. And as for Jack's scene in the cave? That just might be one of my favorite scenes from the last few seasons. It's the first time Jack's mentioned to anyone that he chased his dad around the island since he kind of told Locke in the fifth episode of the show.

Anybody who thought it was stupid of the show's producers to kill off Jacob after only appearing in the Season 5 finale must be cheering pretty loud at the way they've brought him back. We've known for awhile that Hurley can see dead people, but besides seeing Charlie that one time at the asylum, we've never really seen him interacting with anyone else (I could be mistaken of course, so correct me if I'm wrong). The interactions between Hurley and Jacob are incredible, and it really makes me feel as if Hurley will have a massive role in the upcoming episodes. Hurley also had the line of the night when he said to Dogen in a defiant manner: "Why don't YOU go back to the courtyard." Perfect comedic timing. Add that with the tic-tac-toe that Miles and him played at the beginning of the episode, and you have one series of funny events from Hurley.  Unfortunately, Hurley's episode is not for another couple of months, so it'll be a long wait for you Hurley fans who are looking forward to him and his one-man stand-up routine.
Jorge Garcia & Matthew Fox, 'Lost' - 'Lighthouse'
Hurley, Jacob and Jack's plot eventually leads them to the eponymous lighthouse, where they find a series of mirrors at the top and a dial with names written to each degree mark. What numbers, you ask? Why, the numbers that have been peeking their head in and out of the show since the first season! Jack finds his name next to the 23 degree mark, turns to the beacon to it and finds himself staring into a mirror that shows his childhood home. From the looks of it, it seems Jacob has been watching the survivors since they were young from this lighthouse. Wow. That's what I said when I saw these scenes, and anybody who's been craving some answers from the show got a little taste of what answers we may be getting soon enough. Sure, there's still a LOT of questions hanging around, and there's probably a few more added, but I think anyone who worries about questions still being presented at this point should let the show pan out, because I'm sure we'll get plenty of answers before the show is done.

Claire was creepy as hell. I'll just come out and say it. The entire time she was on the show, she exuded this eerie attitude. When she was grinding that axe, I wasn't thinking about anything except, "She's going to chop off Jin's foot." Of course, that doesn't happen, but it's not a good thing for her character that I wouldn't have been surprised if it happened. And seeing Jin's face as he blatantly lied to Claire's face about Aaron? That shows just how afraid he is of her. And of course, Lost wouldn't be Lost if we didn't have a good cliffhanger ending, and the Man in Black/Fake Locke pokes his head in right at the end, as Claire announces him as her "friend" to Jin. Anyone hoping a good version of Claire would return might have to reassess their wishes.

This was a complex episode, filled with a lot of tension, some great talking scenes between characters and some hinting at some awful things to come very soon at the Temple. Jacob clearly knows that something bad is going to happen at the Temple, which makes it more understandable why he sent them away on that errand. He knew that they would probably fail.. the fact that they were out of the Temple is what mattered the most, which makes me worry for Sayid and Miles. Hopefully, next week will keep the story moving along without slowing it down. Best episode, for me, since the premiere.


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