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Lost Planet 3 Gameplay Footage Surfaces

Gameplay footage of Capcom’s Lost Planet 3, developed by Spark Unlimited, has surfaced on Youtube. It’s peppered with opinions from the German press, but I sure don’t speak that language. Even though I’m not fluent in Germanese, I’ve gathered a few bits of information from the video.

While the title is still a Lost Planet game, it now has a layer of survival horror plastered on top. It’s retaining the frozen wasteland setting that the series is known for, but the atmosphere has developed a darker, Dead Space like aesthetic.  The resemblance isn’t subtle either. The game looks strikingly similar to Dead Space, with monster wrestling quick-time events, and derelict hallways of ravaged and abandoned stations.

The game will also include the giant mechs that the series is known for, while adding first person monster vs. mech wrestling mechanics. It’s fairly cringe worthy watching a mech’s drill arm being driven into a monster’s soft spot, spewing orange juice in all directions in all its first person glory.

The game is taking a step in a new direction for the series, but not a new direction in regards to other gaming titles, making it look a little too familiar to its obvious inspiration, i.e Dead Space.


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