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Low, From Remender and Tocchini, Begins in July

I recently reviewed Deadly Class #6, the last issue in the first arc of the series from writer Rick Remender and Wes Craig. It’s a very good series, as is Remender’s first Image Comics title, Black Science. It’s only a couple of weeks until we see if Remender can complete a hat trick, by delivering a third compelling series for Image. LOW, a collaboration with Greg Tocchini (Uncanny X-Force) is set to released by Image Comics on July 30th.     Like Black Science and Deadly Class, the concept of LOW is pretty fascinating. In the far future, Earth’s surface has become uninhabitable, so people have relocated to submerged realms below the ocean surface, where technology keeps them safe. After a satellite that has been sent in to space to find another habitable world crashes on the surface of Earth, a crew of people must venture out to retrieve it while the remaining people below the water fight for power.     As you can tell from this description, LOW is a dark sci-fi dystopia, bringing together themes of Remender’s work on Black Science as well as Uncanny Avengers. The preview images from Tocchini’s pages are pretty inventive. Remender wrote, “Working with longtime collaborator Greg Tocchini is a treat as ever. His rendering of the world of Salus is worth the cost of admission alone…” Interesting, the first issue of LOW will debut on the same day, July 30th, as the new issue of Black Science (#7).


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