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LucasArts Gets Epic

LucasArts, the company behind a plethora of Star Wars games as well as adventuring classics such as the Monkey Island series, recently hired an ‘epic’ new president. Formerly a CEO for Epic Games China, Paul Meegan, will officially take the reigns of president and general manager of LucasArts in mid-June. Meegan will be filling in the shoes of former president, Darrel Rodriguez.

LucasArts has been searching for a new president since May when Darrel Rodriguez vacated his position. A statement in May read “Darrell Rodriguez has resigned and we have initiated a search for a new leader.” Since then, Jerry Bowerman, a member of the LucasFilm Board of Directors, took the helm during LucasArts president search.

Unfortunately, Rodriguez’s departure has not been the only one in LucasArts recent history. April 2008 saw the abrupt resignation of longtime LucasArts employee and former president Jim Ward.

Undoubtedly, Meegan has a hefty position to fill. However, not only has he been a CEO of Epic Games China, but Meegan also founded Sinister Games Inc. which was bought by Ubisoft, a company where Meegan held high positions. Unquestionably, with E3 around the corner, Meegan definitely has his work cut out for him. Though, with credentials like Meegan’s LucasArts need not worry too much.


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