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Lucid #3 – Review

The third issue begins in 1576 with a relative of Matthew's finishing the third volume of his magic memorials. The first two volumes were a "handbook" for magic users while the third one is dark magic. In order to better understand the light side of magic, Matthew's ancestor needed to better understand the dark side as well. He wrote the book to be used only as a last ditch effort if the world were invaded. Back in modern days the book has fallen into the wrong hands. The mystery man calling himself the Pendragon is using it to perform heinous acts for an unknown reason.

Matthew in the meantime is still beating himself up over not protecting the President better. He finds a reflection spell that he thinks could have better protected the President. His girlfriend is finally revealed as... a ball of light. It's not revealed why she's a ball of light or if she was even human once. She asks him why he hasn't at least revealed the fact to his fellow mage's, but the conversation is cut short as Matthew is called to duty.

Lucid #3 CoverMatthew and the others are briefed on the next mission. He's being sent to England to retrieve the stolen book and then steal if from England and bring it back to the States. They also discuss the Pendragon and the possible tie he has to the company Artemis. The CEO of Artemis' relative used to belong to the Bavarian Illuminati and could be a good candidate for the so called Pendragon running amuck. Besides finding the book, he's to investigate Artemis and see if the Illuminati are back in business.

Once Matthew arrives in England he receives a harsh welcoming from Wren the mage he's to contact. She casts a Revelatory Charm that exposes all of Matthew's most traumatic experiences in his life to verify who he is. It not only physically hurts Matthew, but also mentally as she apologizes about his Mother. The two chat for a bit about the mission, but are soon interrupted as the stolen book marks its first victim. The man is a former illusionist and is now possessed by a demon. Matthew and Wren take off to handle the problem.

This issue had a good amount of character development for Matthew and his life, but still too much of it was left out. He's too much of a mystery and it makes it hard to know his motives. He comes off like a very caring person that takes his responsibilities serious, but little else is known about him. That didn't change the fact that the story's plot is really kicking off! My favorite part of the entire book is the magic symbols that are shown for the spells being casted. It's very cool and a lot better than a bunch of made up words (Take a cue Marvel). Overall Michael McMillian continues to tell an excellent story that is wholly original in the world of comics.

The best thing about Lucid? The art! I literally can't gush about the art enough. When Lucid ends I long to see what artist Anna Wieszczyk does next. The style is very reminiscent of Aeon Flux, but whereas Flux came off ugly most of the time, Anna has found a much better approach. This series' art continues to be beautiful and wondrous to look at. For the fourth issue when it comes to talking about the art, I think I'll just write the word "Drool" for an entire paragraph since I don't know any new ways for saying it's great.

As with the first two issues, this series is great. It's fun, full of action and has an amazing art style. If you like magic in the slightest, then check the book out. If
you like magic intergraded into the modern era, then Lucid is definitely for you. Archaia's Black Label title delivers the awesomeness again.

Overall Score - 9.8/10

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