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Lucina, Robin & Captain Falcon’s Return Announced for Super Smash Bros.

Last Friday, Masahiro Sakurai announced on Miiverse that today on the Super Smash Bros. website, he will release a character announcement trailer. He delivered on that promise with not only with the return of Captain Falcon, but also with two newcomers: Lucina and Robin from Fire Emblem: Awakening.
Lucina is the main character Chrom’s daughter. She wields his sword, Falchion, and has a unique moveset, so don’t expect a Marth clone. Like Marth and Ike however, her sword is her only weapon and her moveset will be revolved around it.

Robin is the avatar in Awakening and could be slightly edited to have different genders, voices, names and hair, though it looks like Super Smash Bros. will opting for the default male and female choices, including the Robin name. Robin is much different than any other character as he/she is a tactician, allowing both swords and tomes as weapons. The Levin Sword is one of the most popular swords in the game, as it can attack from a distance. Plus, Since it a magical sword, its damage is based off of the user’s magic stat versus the strength one, making it perfect for a tactician so that the player can focus solely on the magic stat for both weapons. However, when you look at the Smash website, Robin also uses other swords (seen below), so perhaps we’ll see an array of swords that break and perhaps the Levin Sword is the best you can get.
A more important detail to see from Robin is that he/she uses a tome in combat as well. During the trailer, we see Robing use Thunder, Elthunder, Arcthunder, Thoron, Arcfire, Elwind, and Nosferatu. From what I can get from the trailer, the color of the tome determines the element magic it uses as if he/she equipped a new one (though each one of those moves used a different tome). We also see that just like in Fire Emblem, the tomes have so many uses before it breaks and Robin must switch out to a new one (what determines the color/element of the tome, if it’s random or a set pattern is currently unknown). It is uncanny how Sakurai uses the source material to a T for Smash.
Chrom was also teased in the game, but from the looks of things is only a part of Robin’s Final Smash. Sadly the website updated shortly after the trailer's upload stating he is not playable.
Also returning to the fight is Captain Falcon, and it looks like he hasn’t skipped a beat. From the looks of his screenshots, he uses the same moves as before. His announcement means that 10 of the 12 original Smash characters are playable once more. All we are missing are Jigglypuff and Ness.
In other Smash news, early this morning, Sakurai posted on Miiverse a screenshot of a surprise trophy: Ubisoft’s Rayman. Having a third-party character that isn’t playable is strange, and we will see if he is playable, an assist trophy or just a trophy, and if any other third-party characters will get the honor.
Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will release on October 3rd and Holiday 2014 respectfully.


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