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MacGyver Maneuvers into Comics

MacGyver was a master adventurer who could survive anything with anything. see that keyboard in front of you? He could turn it into a lifesaving shield or a high-tech weapon with a few quick maneuvers. Finally, Image Comics are publishing their first new MacGyver comic book titled MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet. The first time we've seen MacGyver since the television series ended back in 1992.

This five issue mini-series will be co-written by MacGyver's own creator Lee David Zlotoff. Why did the creator decide MacGyver should be in a comic book rather than on a TV screen? According to Zlotoff:

MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet #1 Cover
"In the last decade or so, the graphic novel and comics arena has simply exploded in terms of both the kinds of stories that are being told and the range of artistic styles now being explored. So as I considered the constant call from fans around the world to bring MacGyver back, it struck me that the simplicity and directness of comics might be the perfect place to start."

The series will also be co-written by a fan of the original show the series is based on. Tony Lee (Doctor Who, Hope Falls). Lee talked about the problems the show had and why the comic book is such a saving grace:

"The biggest issue the TV show had was budget, and comics don't have that problem. We have MacGyver traveling to African jungles, Cairo, even Moscow in a globe-trotting adventure that—short of a big budget feature film—could never have been done before in such scale and scope."

And all that has to be done in the pages of five comic books! Talk about fast-paced. Just another reason to love the boundless world comic books can offer their readers from one location to the next without a bounty of dollar signs getting in the way.

The artwork for the series will be done by Will Sliney (Farscape) and will feature covers by Andie Tong (Superman, TRON).

And readers will not only be getting a new story, the series will also have a backmatter featuring the history of the television show's creation written by creator and co-writer Lee David Zlotoff.

The first issue of MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet will be available on October 10th. I look forward to see how he'll maneuver his way out of his latest death-defying adventures.

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Look for my advanced review of MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet #1 coming soon! 


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