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Machinarium Developer Has “Pirate Amnesty” Sale

Do you own a copy of Machinarium, the award winning point-n-click adventure game by Czech developer Amanita Design?  Did you illegally download it?  Did you?


Well about 90% of the people who own Machinarium are software pirates, according to the developers.  If you stole a digital copy of any game, you are filthy thieving scum, a vile scoundrel, a villainous blackguard, and the reason the rest of us have to deal with Orwellian DRM software, and high prices. The only way to redeem yourself is to purchase a legitimate copy of every game you pirated.  

If Machinarium is one of them, you’re in luck; Amanita Design is holding a “Pirate Amnesty” sale.  For a mere five bucks you can get a completely legal download of the game for PC, Mac or Linux, and the Soundrack as an MP3.  The sale is running until August 12th and is open to everyone, even if you aren’t dirty, stinking, commie, sub-human, savage, pirate filth.


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