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Mad Catz’ Warhead 7.1 Headset Is Set to Sink Competition

If you take your gaming seriously and have the desire for a truly immersing experience, then you'll appreciate the need for a decent headset. It should be comfortable to the point where you can forget you're even wearing a headset, and powerful enough to make you truly believe that you're in the heat of a battle. Many have come close, but Mad Catz has raised the bar with its incoming release of the most anticipated Xbox360 headset to date, the TRITTON Xbox 360 Warhead 7.1. Surround Sound Headset.


The Warhead 7.1 is the world's most advanced Xbox360 headset to date, and is also the first headset to feature truly wireless voice chat. No chat cable, dongle or adaptor is needed for communication, as the headset contains Microsoft's unique security chip allowing direct access to the console. The unwelcome ball-ache of constant syncing problems and tangled and damaged cables can now become a thing of the past, as can many others due the extensive amount of controls on the side of the headset.

Perhaps one of the most welcoming things about the Warhead 7.1 is how it simply resolves many of the chores that can come with online gaming. A dial on the headset allows you to easily turn down the voices of your enemies as you fill them full of rounds. If you suddenly need to concentrate but the incessant whining of a team mate is stopping you from doing so, game volume can be adjusted so you can't hear their voice, but you can still hear the footsteps of those around you. You'll never need pause an online game to adjust voice settings; the majority of which can be changed via the headset. 


For the full list of exhausting features that the Warhead 7.1 comes equipped with, you can visit the official website here. The Warhead 7.1 looks ready to pioneer the future of wireless headsets, and pump a serious amount of bass into your ears. MadCatz has released the below trailer to wet your appetite, and it works pretty damn well. 



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