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Mad Men Season 6 Poster Revealed

Just a little under a month away from the anticipated premiere of the AMC drama, awaiting fans are treated to a tiny glimpse into the upcoming season with the release of the official Mad Men season six key art. The poster is inspired by the 1960s style illustrations used in advertising that feature so prominently in the show. The Mad Men marketing team even hired an illustrator (Brian Sanders) who used to work in the 60’s and is very familiar with the style. As usual, fans have been kept in the dark concerning the details of the new season’s storyline, so anything that might communicate any information on the upcoming season is big news.

Will Don Draper be in trouble with the law? The illustration is full of potentially significant imagery possibly hinting at what’s to come for our favorite ad man. Don walks down a busy New York City street hand in hand with a disembodied female arm, as a double (Dick Whitman?) walks in the opposite direction. What is most interesting is the presence of a police squad in the background of the image, which suggests that there is some legal trouble coming Draper’s way. Will his days of impersonating Don Draper finally catch up to him, or has SCDP gotten into some illegal dealings while we were gone? TV nerds, myself included, will surely spend the time until the premiere picking apart the details of the illustration. Who is the woman walking with Don, is it Megan or someone else? What is the significance of the airplane taking off in the background, or of the street signs in the corner?  The possibilities for the show are endless and fans will surely enjoy speculating on what awaits our beloved Mad Men characters.


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