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Mafia 2 Directors Cut (Not Game of The Year) Edition Appears

Mafia 2 Directors Cut just showed up on amazon.com.  There has been no official statement by 2K games but you can usually bet on these unannounced Amazon postings to be legate.  The director’s cut features 3 additional story packs and 4 car and clothes packs included with this package. 

More than likely the story packs are Joe’s Adventures which follows the character Joe Barbaro who is best friends with Vito Scaletta, the main protagonist in Mafia 2.  Jimmy’s Vendetta is possibly one of the other packs. It contains more than 30 new quests where you play as the character Jimmy.  You also get The Betrayal of Jimmy where you will once again play as Jimmy and it will offer new locations.  With each story pack running for 800 Microsoft Points when they are not on sale.

The clothes and car packs are likely to be the retail exclusive pre order bonuses.  Those are also available to purchase on Xbox Live.  This pack seems more of a Game of The Year package but not.  The current metacritic.com rating is a 74.  So the game got decent reviews.  Amazon is also only charging $25.00 for this pack.  That is a great deal especially if you are somebody who never got around to playing Mafia 2 and always wanted to.  This is definitely an offer to check out.

Follow the link below to order you copy;http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000ZK698C/



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