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Mafia II Re-Release Confirmed

2K Games has finally confirmed that there will be a re-release of Mafia II, which will feature all of the previous DLC packs for the title. The all-inclusive versions of the game, dubbed the “Director's Cut” will cost $30 and will ship in a Greatest Hits package on the PS3. 2K has stated that the Mafia II re-release will feature the core game, add-on content, and the four DLC style packs that were once retail-exclusive. These include the Vegas, Renegade, Greaser and War Hero character schemes which come complete with two cars and two suits to use in the game. Along with the style packs, the three additional mission packs will also be rolled into the mix. These are “The Betrayal of Jimmy”, “Jimmy's Vendetta”, and “Joe's Adventures.” Each pack adds a unique perspective to the game and offers players dozens of new missions to the story.



The updated console versions of Mafia II will be hitting store shelves next month. No further details on the releases have surfaced but 2K Games is has hinted at a mid to late April release date—which should be announced soon. So, if you've been holding off on playing the gritty crime-themed sequel, it appears that the perfect opportunity is right around the corner. The $30 price tag is a solid deal for such a complete package and is likely to attract those who are looking for great games on a budget. Otherwise, the original version of Mafia II is available now at all US retail locations.


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