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Magicka Developers Announce “Project JFK”

Arrowhead Game Studios, the wacky folks behind the PC exclusive RPG Magicka are at work on a new game.  It was announced this week by the Publisher, Paradox Interactive, but the details won't be fully unveiled until the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in March. We do, however know the title: "Project JKF".

Given the irreverent humor of this dev team we shouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be a Grassy Knoll simulator, but gamers will have to wait for the GDC next month.  In the meantime all we have to go on is the cryptic hint from the press release: "Project “JFK” will offer breakneck-paced multiplayer combat with a focus on killing your friends and looking cool doing it." 

Magicka offered player plenty of "Friendly Fire" opportunites, but this new game sounds like more of a direct head-to-head combat situation rather than the "Oops I accidentally hit you with my Meteor Swarm spell" sort of mayhem from Arrowhead's previous project.  Check back with Player Affinity for more on Project JFK after the GDC.  Not familiar with Arrowhead Game Studios?  Check out our review of their first game, Magicka!


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