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Magus # 2 – Review

The book opens with a foreshadowing dream sequence in which Darius dreams about saving Lena from some Institute guards that have tracked her down. After an amazing battle we find him sleeping in the Church. Father Swain and Danae are preparing to head out to find Lena before anyone else can. They take the boys and hit the streets hoping to find her.

Back at the White House the President is sweating over the end of the world as we know it and the thought of everyone having magic again. He explains to the first lady that the world is controlled by the possession of power and that magic would level the playing field. He fears that the world will spread into anarchy. He confides in his wife that he wishes they would round up all magic users and kill them as she uses her magical powers to bring a vase of flowers back to life without him noticing.

Magus 2 CoverThe search for Lena continues as Danae explains to Ben and Darius about the events that are happening. She tells them that magic has always existed and that people where able to access different abilities of magic. But like all good things, people became power hungry and began killing each other for their magic. Three men deemed "the Guardians" took it upon themselves to seal the world off from magic. Soon enough people forgot they ever had magic and moved on with their lives. Magic is tricky though and still found its way in to handfuls of people. The Guardians lineage continued as they then became advisors the President and kept them informed about magic. Now the Guardians job is to keep the seal unbroken.

The search for Lena winds down as Darius dream starts to come true. There are institute guards after Lena and Darius gets his chance to jump in and save her. Too bad he falls hurting himself and also putting himself in harm's way. At the White House a sinister plot begins with talks of murder.

The story is very good and covers more and more ground with each issues, yet continues to miss simple things. Like what does a Father of a church have to do with Magic? The character development is still really slow, but the story is really good and interesting. The world that Jon Price is developing is well thought out and very interesting, but I still feel like I don't know the characters as well as I'd like to.

The art continues to look good and actually looks improved upon from the first issue. Rebekah Issacs is still amazing with facial expressions. She manages to convey a lot of emotions that tend to be rare in comic books today. In one scene she captures hatred and disgust and then in the next she shows us suddenness and shame. Issacs feeds off of Price's script very well and together they are strong storytellers.

I think the main thing that hinders me on this book is the characters. With two issues down I think I should be rooting for someone by now, but I'm still trying to figure out their roles within the comic. Otherwise the story is very captivating and interesting to read. Price and Issacs make a good team and will hopefully continue their collaboration until the series end. The book has to great shocking moments that I highly recommend you check out, but again it's a good dose of magic in the world of comics.

Overall Score - 8.4/10



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