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Make a Phalanx, Rome is Totally Warring Again

Amongst the best strategy games to ever be made the Total War franchise is known as one of the best. Above that, Total War: Rome is nearly as legendary in the strategy community as the time period that it covers. Well, the fans have been asking for a sequel since 2004 and it looks like they’re finally getting their wish. Total War: Rome II has officially been announced for the PC and it’s scheduled to release in MMXIII (2013).

One might ask why this time period is so adored by fans? Well, it’s filled with interesting characters like the infamously eccentric Caligula, the renowned Julius Caesar, and many more. Rome was also well-known for political intrigue, fulfillment of desires, military aspirations and conquest. The developer of Total War: Rome II said they got an all-new graphics engine to help create an authentic Roman experience. Check out the trailer, you can really tell it’s coming out way in the future from the year MMXIII… it almost looks real.


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