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Make Timesplitters IV a Reality

I don’t know about you but the Timesplitters games are some of my all-time favorite shooters. I can’t even begin to count how many hours I’ve poured into playing Timesplitters 2’s split-screen based multiplayer action. It’s easy to lose time in Timesplitters when it included everything from a two-player cooperative story mode, all sorts of crazy competitive modes with bot-support, challenge maps, and even a full-on map-maker – it was absolutely nuts.

But after the commercially disappointing Timesplitters III, which came out in 2005 for the Xbox, Gamecube and Playstation 2, the series vanished indefinitely. The developer – Free Radical Studios – went on to create the tepid shooter Haze in 2008 and was finally acquired by Crytek to create the multiplayer component for Crysis 2. Now, some 7 years later, a Facebook campaign has started that will ensure the development of Timesplitters 4 provided that 100,000 fans click ‘like’ on the page to get the project going.

Now for someone like me who has no interest in Facebook whatsoever – I sort of feel inclined to create an account for the sole purpose of contributing to the campaign since I – like many others – would absolutely love to see a new entry in the series; be it for this generation of consoles or the next. Plus, seeing how the FPS genre is so saturated by me-too lackluster military-shooters that are completely deprived of identity or innovation, it would only be fitting to revitalize the arcade-shooter-genre to run around as five-foot tall monkeys blasting away with flamethrowers. If that concept even colors you remotely interested, then please help the development of Timesplitters IV.



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