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Making Money with Walking Dead

During a recession in a down economy, you would hardly expect a comic no where near as ancient as the legendary Action Comics #1 from the 60s'. But The Walking Dead continues to defy expectations as both it's first issue and nineteenth issue recently sold for some surprising amounts.

The Walking Dead series began in 2003, and took zombie fans by storm with it's likeable characters and storylines (but definitely not for it's bland covers). It revolves around a group of survivors during a zombie apocalypse. The series became so popular a TV show was created for it on AMC.

Image Comics: Walking Dead #19
Collections of The Walking Dead are the domineering titles of Amazon. The Walking Dead #19, which featured the first appearance of Michonne, sold numerous times in varying conditions. One CGC signed copy of The Walking Dead #19 graded 9.8 sold for $1650 on eBay, a close comparison to a CGC 9.8 copy of the first issue of The Walking Dead which sold for $1830. An ungraded copy of The Walking Dead #19 sold on eBay for $600 while the premier issue ungraded sold for $868. The reprint of Walking Dead Weekly #19 went for $56.

Image Comics: Walking Dead #27
Another up-and-coming money-guzzling issue is The Walking Dead #27 which featured the first appearance of The Governor. One copy of the issue CGC graded at 9.8 sold for $350. An ungraded copy went for $162.

Sounds like a good time to sell some zombie action.

For a look at other CGC graded content for sale and the old listing of The Walking Dead #19 to see the pricy comic sold on eBay, click here.


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