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Malcom in the Middle Will Sorta Cross With Breaking Bad

Man, Twitter can be such a cruel, misguiding tease sometimes. After actress Jane Kaczmarek (who played the mom in Malcom in the Middle) made a post on Twitter that she will make an appearance on Breaking Bad, fans of both fine programs appropriately lost their minds. For those who are unaware, actor Bryan Cranston (who played the father on Malcom in the Middle) also happens to play main character Walter White in AMC's masterpiece, Breaking Bad. So put those two pieces of that puzzle together and watch as your mind blows out of your skull.

But hold your minds filmly in your skulls! Because, unfortunately, the epic crossover will sadly be for not. The Huffington Post recently put all the rumors to rest saying that Kaczmarek will actually not be involved in the final season of Breaking Bad. However, they say that she will play into a DVD extra for the season, which sounds great.

The only question now is if it'll actually beat the ultra-brilliant DVD extras from the season four set like this:



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