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Marineman #1 – Review

The ocean, what is it? Its the big blue wet thing that covers about 70% of the earth. The inner-space if you will. It is full of life. Be that sharks, whales, squids, penguins and...extremely muscly men. Marineman is Image's answer to the oceanic hero genre.

Opening up with a free-diving sports event going wrong, to then go straight into the story. The comic follows Steve Ocean, a famous oceanographer with his own documentaries. The public actually know him as “Marineman”, but only as a nickname. With his friend Jake Clearwater (another fitting name), they go to the institute where Steven's father works. When there Steven goes down to the “basement” level which happens to be a secret navy base where he meets a Lieutenant Charlotte Greene.

Marineman #1 CoverSo this is Ian Churchill's (artist for Cable and Supergirl) latest creation. With Marineman, he is both writer and artist and within this issue he does well at both. Churchill had said he wished to bring back the “feel good” type comics that were enjoyable and he succeeds in that as well, with its light-heartedness and yet un-childish approach to story telling.

There are two main problems to point out with this first issue. The first problem to point out is that it is very word heavy, with the first page having 433 words itself. It kind of felt like I was reading an essay of some sort, but it was all dialogue. The other main drawback has to do with the art. Not exactly the art itself, but one small part of it. Churchill drew Steven Ocean to be an extremely buff man and I mean extremely buff, like a mountain. The problem with doing this is that at some of the angles the muscles look extremely awkward and out of place. This is mainly apparent on the cover.

Other than this one thing with the art the rest is quite impressive. Churchill's artwork is like a cartoon version of what he did for Hulk. Churchill teamed up with Nicolas Chapuis (Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time) for the interior coloring. Everything about the colors are vibrant and loud which works well for the “feel-good” vibe the comic wishes to give.

For an issue one, this comic I believe truly brings the promise of an enticing new series and I look forward to see how Churchill is going to expand on the character and the world he has created. With many comics that deal with stories on a galactic level or take place in an alternate reality or extra dimension, it is nice to read something that is based around what earth already has to offer and one that truly is a feel good comic then I recommend picking up this issue.

Story - 6.0
Pencils - 6.0
Colouring - 7.5
Total - 6.5



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