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Mario Gets Charitable!

Everyone likes donating money, right? Well, what’s better than donating money and playing video games for a good cause? Nothing, of course. Starting yesterday, the crew over at Mario Marathon started their third donation run for Child’s Play. What this means is, you can watch the people of Mario Marathon.com play through a slew of Mario games in one sitting if you go to their website.

Child’s Play, which was started by the wonderful minds behind Penny Arcade, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, started in 2003. Pretty much, Child’s Play is a worldwide toy drive that acts to make sick children happy by putting toys, games, and books in their hands. Furthermore, it is one of the premier charities within the videogame industry. If donating to Child’s Play itself doesn’t make you feel good at heart then you can get more bang for your buck by visiting Mario Marathon, because watching torture via sleep deprivation is always fun, right?

Mario Marathon works quite simply like this: you donate and they increase the amount of Mario games they will play, in essence a pay for play service all for a worthy cause. On their website, a column can be viewed showing how much money needs to be donated in order for the players to tackle a specific Mario game. For example, since there are 800 levels in the nine chosen Mario games, in order to view them at their most sleep deprived, around a total of $150, 000 must be donated. Of course, if that wasn’t fun enough, you can chat with other viewers simultaneously about how much you like watching sleep-deprived fun.



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