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Mario Kart 8 to Receive Mercedes-Benz DLC

Today, Mercedes-Benz announced that the “new” GLA SUV would be hitting Japan later this year. Why is this news here? Because the public can try it out before it hits Japanese shores… in Mario Kart 8.
Nintendo and Mercedes-Benz are doing a cross promotion for Mario Kart 8 and the GLA by allowing Japanese Mario Kart 8 owners to download the car as a playable kart. The DLC is free and is only confirmed in Japan, but we will see if the promotion goes overseas.
In return, the advertisement for the GLA will be heavily Mario-focused, as you can see with the commercial below.

This confirms that Nintendo can, and probably will, add DLC to the game, so we’ll see if there’s more traditional content in the pipeline soon.


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