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Mark Consuelos Joins Riverdale Season Two

The CW has cast Mark Consuelos as Veronica Lodge’s father on season two of Riverdale, according to Variety. Via Getty Veronica Lodge’s father, Hiram, has been mentioned all throughout the first season, but has yet to grab any screentime. That will change in the second season. Hiram Lodge has been stuck in jail, which explains his absence from the show. He is described as a ruthless, good looking, charming businessman who has been part of a financial scandal. This is the catalyst for why Veronica and her mother move to Riverdale in the first place. In the second season, Hiram will reconnect with his family. The recent cancellation of Consuelos's other commitment, Fox's baseball drama Pitch, has left Consuelos free to take on the new role. What do you think of this casting choice? Sound off in the comments!


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