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Mark Hamill to direct “The Black Pearl”

Mark Hamill is best known for portraying Luke Skywalker in the first three Star Wars films, but he's also widely known as an avid comic book fan. He will combine those two loves and direct a film based on his very own comic The Black Pearl, according to VarietyThe Black Pearl tells the story of a man named Luther Drake, who becomes a masked vigilante upon preventing a woman’s abduction.

The 1996 comic, in Hamill’s own words, tells a tale of madness that focuses on many societal issues, such as instant celebrity and “tabloidization.” He also described the project as “offbeat, unpredictable, and wickedly funny.”

The film will be produced through Berkeley Square Films, a company that believes in going “back to the 1970s approach to filmmaking, where the artists have complete creative autonomy while still ensuring that the money actually makes it to the screen rather than into the studio’s pockets.” The production will cost $7 million.

The Black Pearl certainly sounds like an interesting project. Hamill has directed only directed one other film, the award-winning mockumentary Comic Book: The Movie, but The Black Pearl could certainly be a successful film. It is a very timely tale, with all of the instant celebrity that happens within society today, and Hamill might be able to bring his creative story to full life on the silver screen. May the Force be with him.



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