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Mark Millar Announces Plans For Image

Famed writer of Kick-Ass and co-creator of the self-proclaimed “greatest superhero epic of the generation” Jupiter’s Legacy - Mark Millar – has just announced big plans for the comic book landscape as we now know it. Coming straight from Image Comics, Millar has not only announced a new title but what he envisions as the start of an all-new line-wide comic book universe.

Describing it as his personal “Marvel Universe,” Millar calls his upcoming release – simply titled MPH – along with Duncan Fegredo as his “Fantastic Four” in that it will become as important as that book was in the pivotal structure of what would become one of the biggest comic lines around. There are no exact details about the book or what other titles might follow it into the Image “Millar-Verse,” but one wonders whether this first series has any connection to Millar’s previously proposed, but discarded, “Run” comic. As always, however and exemplified by the aforementioned Jupiter’s Legacy, Mark Millar is a consummate self-hyping machine so the odds are divided on whether or not he can actually deliver the idiomatic "goods" – but whatever does comes out one thing is for sure: people will be talking about it, and our readers can bet that so will we.

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