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Mark Wahlberg won’t star in “The Crow” remake

Not too long ago we mentioned that Mark Wahlberg would star in a remake of The Crow. This rumor flew around the Internet quickly and was greeted with mixed response at best considering Brandon Lee's performance is the stuff of legend considering his fate. Lucky for us who were skeptical, it’s all just a myth. The Academy Award nominee sets the record straight, telling Cinematical that he was never officially on board to star in the remake:

"We never committed to making the movie. They talked to me about it and there was a director attached who I was a fan of, and he's no longer doing it. We just thought about it – 'is there something cool to be done there?' But we're not committed to making the movie."

A sigh of relief is coming from this end, as this sounded like a bad idea from the start. In any case, Wahlberg has two projects in the works: Seth MacFarlane’s directorial debut and a remake of the Icelandic film Reykjavik Rotterdam. Audiences can catch up with him when The Fighter hits theaters on December 10.


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