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Mars Attacks This May with Their First Born

The Martian invasion has ended... right? In their latest edition to the Mars Attacks universe, writer and IDW Publishing's creative officer and editor-in-chief Chris Ryall (Angel, TMNT, Kiss) and artist Sam Kieth (The Maxx, Marvel Comics Presents) are planning a new mini-series – Mars Attacks: First Born.   In this four issue mini-series survivors of the invasion are trying to return to rebuild and return to normalcy. However, a little baby alien has been left behind. Is she as innocent as she appears or does she have a nefarious purpose? Ryall and Kieth are exploring various themes in this story, including the age-old question of nature vs. nurture. Plus, there are giant bugs… for some reason.   Sam Kieth, creator of The Maxx and Zero Girl, will be doing the standard covers for each issue, but Loston Wallace will be creating variant covers styled after Wally Wood, a Golden and Silver Age comic book writer, artist and publisher who drew EC’s Weird Science covers (among many other things) and, fun fact, co-created Power Girl.   Mars Attacks: First Born Covers   Writer Chris Ryall comments that “This series is a multi-tiered love letter… Every page shows not only the love Sam and I have for Mars Attacks, but also wild science-fiction tales from the past, the sorts of things Wally Wood drew in the pages of Weird Science-Fantasy and other EC comics. Our adoration of Wally’s work is front and center in this series, but it’s also a great next move for Sam and I after the working relationship we developed on The Hollows. And it surely gives Mars Attacks fans something special, in addition to also giving them some of the wanton carnage and gallows humor they’ve come to expect.”   The first issue of Mars Attacks: First Born will be released in May. I can only hope the debut issue will be as promising as the first issue of Mars Attacks despite being from a different creative team. I’m looking forward to the “nature vs. nurture” aspect of the series. Which will come out on top? We'll have to wait until May to find out.  


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