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Martian Manhunter Backs Up JLA

Starting with Justice League of America #2, Martian Manhunter will star in his own back-up feature much in the vein of Shazam's feature running in Justice League. Because Geoff Johns cannot write everything no matter how much DC Comics would like him to, this will be co-written by Matt Kindt and is promised to strongly tie into the book's main narrative. Scott Clark will round out the creative team on art.

The title of this back-up feature will be shortened to simply Manhunter, so Kate Spencer fans should not get their hopes up when they hear about it.

This is a curious move from DC Comics. You have the likes of Katana and Vibe getting their own ongoing series with the launch of Justice League of America, but Martian Manhunter is being regulated to a back-up feature. I imagine it comes down to Johns wishing to exert more control over Martian Manhunter than Katana or Vibe. And to be brutally honest, I expect it will be more successful.

Kindt, who will be coming off his run on Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E., has already been interviewed about this upcoming assignment but had little to say about it in the way of details. It will star Martian Manhunter. It will probably not be a retelling of his origin like the Shazam back-up feature has been. And it will try to stay connected to the main story happening in the rest of Justice League of America.

Justice League of America

Considering I was already interested in Justice League of America primarily for Martian Manhunter, this is pretty sweet news for me.


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