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Marvel and Sony clash over Spider-man Casting

"With great power comes great responsibility"
Last week six actors screen tested in front of Marvel and Sony executives for the coveted Spider-man role for the Marvel-Sony co-produced reboot. Now the shortlist has been shrunk down to three actor, Tom Holland (The Impossible), Charlie Plummer (Broadwalk Empire) and Matthew Lintz (Pixels). Making casting even more complicated is the two studios are at odds over which actor to cast. Marvel want a high-school aged actor to play the character with the aim of them grow into the role and favor the younger Charlie Plummer who is aged around 14/15. Sony want the 19-year-old British actor Tom Holland who would be unrestricted with the amount of hours he could work. Jeff Sneider from The Wrap broke the news when hosting the Meet the Movie Press podcast. As Sneider says in the podcast, Marvel has creative control while Sony is financing the movie. spider-man in action Absent from the list is Hugo star Asa Butterfield who was long considered to be the frontrunner who was a favorite amongst fans to play the web-slinger. The "Spider-man" reboot is set for a 28 July 2017 but it has been rumored that his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be a cameo in Captain America: Civil War.


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