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Marvel Announces Edge of Venomverse

It seems to be the year of the Venom, with the return of Eddie Brock as Venom. Now, Marvel has also announced a Venom centered event called Venomverse. This new Spider event will be launching in June as a 5 issue mini-series, spinning out of the events of the current Venom ongoing series. Venomverse In a press release Marvel gave us a little bit more information about the event:
Kicking off this June, EDGE OF VENOMVERSE unleashes sinister symbiotes across the Marvel Universe, wreaking untold havoc and wanton destruction! Featuring some of the most popular characters from March’s Venomized Variant Program, this in-continuity series brings you deadly new Venom combinations, giving fans dream matchups from some of comics’ hottest creators! The Marvel Universe is about to play host to an army of Venomized heroes...but whose side will they be on?!  Look for more information, including characters and creators to be revealed soon! EDGE OF VENOMVERSE #1 explodes into comic shops everywhere this June!
Are you excited about Edge of Venomverse? Do you think it will be similar to Spider-Man's Spider-Verse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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