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Marvel Announces Spider Island Series for Secret Wars

This week Marvel announced another series for their Secret Wars line up, Spider Island. The series will be written by  Christos Gage and illustrated by Paco Diaz. There will also be a back up story in every issue staring Spider-Girl Mayday Parker of the MC2 universe. This story will be written and drawn by the original creative team Tom Defalco and Ron Frenz. This secondary story will be 10 pages for the first issue and then a 5 page back up for the later issues. portrait_uncanny Spider Island is in a universe where the citizens of New York were never healed of the spider virus. They all still have spider powers. A Spider Queen is ruling New York City and controlling all of the mutated spider people. She has a spider king by her side, Captain America. It's up to the heroes that can resist her power, like Flash Thompson, to stop her. The MC2 universe story will follow Mayday Parker after the events of Spider-Verse. She has now taken the mantel of Spider-Woman and she has to adjust to what her world has turned into after the death of her father. tumblr_nkcprzeDGJ1u436wzo1_1280 Are you going to get Spider Island? Tell us your thoughts on the series in the comments below!


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