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Marvel Character Affinity: Mystique

Mystique's origin is as elusive as the many guises this shape-shifter uses to get out of (or into) trouble. She has often fought against the X-Men and is one of the few bisexual characters in comics. The few facts acquired through years of X-Men comics about Mystique are that she is over 100 years old because of her powers, was probably born in Australia and her real name may be Raven Darkholme. She was originally created by Dave Cockrum and first appeared in Mr. Marvel #16 back in '78. She has been an assassin, spy and a mercenary. She has had military training and often uses her shape-shifting abilities to gather top secret information. Mystique also has a healing power like Wolverine's and is immune to drugs and poisons. Mystique and a skeletonMystique worked with the government under the name Raven Darkholme, currently believed to be her real name. She worked in the United States Civil Service and was promoted as high as the Deputy Director of Defense. This allowed her to get various weapons and information to use in her criminal practices. She also organized the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants for the third time, which was composed of herself, her beloved Destiny, Avalanche, Blob and Pyro. Mystique has had many lovers, both female and male, and had multiple children. She met Wolverine in the 1920s and the two became lovers. Later Mystique became lovers with Sabretooth and conceived a child that she gave up for adoption. This child grew up to be Graydon Creed. He knew both his parents were mutants and because he was abandoned he began to hate all mutants, forming an anti-mutant organization known as Friends of Humanity. He was later shot and killed by Mystique in X-Factor #130. She would have another child with the ruler of Neyaphem Azazel: Kurt Wagner, but better known as Nightcrawler. She threw the infant Nightcrawler into a river when she was being attacked by villagers that thought she and her son were demons. Afterwards is when Mystique met her most prolific lover, Destiny. Destiny, a woman named Irene Adler that can see into the future, became Mystique's friend and lover. The two do face a problem: While Mystique does not seem to age, Destiny does grow older. Destiny told Mystique to adopt Anna Marie, now the famous X-Men member known as Rogue, after she had a vision. When Rogue later joined the X-Men, this created Mystique's strong hatred towards them since she believed they had stolen her daughter from her. She also adopted another lesser-known daughter by the name of Gloria Brickman. Destiny and Mystique double panel Recently Mystique posed as Professor X and then Jean Grey in Norman Osborn's X-Men team. Mystique's intent for the future is a mystery, having served mostly as an enemy to the X-Men, but sometimes as an ally, too. But there is no doubt this deceptive vixen has some big plans for the future of the Marvel Universe that pertain more to her own desires than anyone else – lover, child or otherwise. 


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