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Marvel & Dinsey “Off With Their Heads!”

Some news that's circulating around internet today comes from Marvel's Senior Vice President of Sales David Gabriel. He announced at ComicPro's retailer summit that they would be killing off a character quarterly due to the huge sales of that the Human Torch's death brought in. Oh wait they said because they want to see what happens after the character dies like the Fantastic Four becoming the Future Foundation and Spiderman joining the team as comedy relief. Personally I think they're trying to over take Wolverine's team count. Oh I can't wait till a bunch of writers make a joke about how Spiderman is on every team. The next big death will of course be the "Death of Spider-man" in the Ultimate Universe which began just this last week. Gabriel said that the event would give Marvel their biggest media exposure EVER! Since the culling has begun at Marvel I wonder... who's next?

We started a forum post that ties into this subject that you can find here, or you can just tell us in the comments which Marvel character you'd like to see knocked off next.
Thanos and Death... Just waiting for company


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