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Marvel Gets Its Cryptic Adjectives On Again

Despite the intense pronouncement of how they like to phrase Marvel NOW!, it seems to be less of an "in the now" kind of thing and more of a "drawn out over a few months" one. As such, Marvel Comics has started releasing more of their one word teasers for new titles. Not to be harsh, but these really lost their effect after the first dozen.

Okay. So this one doesn't rank highly on the cryptic meter. Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo on a new series that relates to the word uncanny. Put your detective hats on, people. Uncanny X-Men is most likely returning in February. Who will these X-Men be, though? I presume it will be a group separate from Bendis' All New X-Men. Otherwise, why bother with the distinction? Some are already speculating this will feature Cyclops and his own renegade team. After all, Scott was featured in Marvel NOW! promos in a particularly ugly new costume. This idea sounds as likely as any.

Now, this one is quite a bit more mysterious. The word calls back to the Fear Itself aftermath series, Fear Itself: the Fearless. Given that Cullen Bunn was one of the main writers of that, the pieces fit. I... only read the first third of that series, so I really have no idea how it ended or what could possibly be used to launch a new series in February. A Valkyrie book? That seems unlikely unless this is a team book of some sort.

I doubt Marvel only had two more of these teasers left in its pocket, so we'll see what else comes up. What's next? I'm hoping for... Whatever. The creative team doesn't matter.


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