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Marvel Looking to Mix it Up – Enter: Ava DuVernay

"Who is Ava DuVernay" is the question you might be asking. If you've heard of a little film called Selma, which was something of a topic of discussion earlier this year in the run up to the Academy Awards, you may have come across the name of this director who made something of a splash with the Civil Rights-era drama. With Avengers: Age of Ultron cleaning up at the box-office, eyes are now looking ahead to the future of the MCU and who will be the shepherds of Marvel's promising geese, ready to lay golden eggs for the foreseeable future. We know the Russo brothers are gearing up for Captain America: Civil War and the final two Avengers films, films with a considerable amount of weight attached to them. Ava Duvernay, David Oyelowo However, what about a couple other films a little further along in Phase 3? Namely Black Panther, to be released summer 2018 and Captain Marvel, to be released fall of the same year. Who'll be helming those? Well, thanks to The Wrap, we've uncovered information that DuVernay is in Marvel's sights for directing responsibilities for either one of the more "diverse" projects. The consensus around town seems to be that DuVernay would direct Black Panther for obvious reasons, you can do the math. Whichever film she happens to find herself behind, and whatever your opinions on it, (many of which are flying all about the internet), it would be the first MCU affair directed not only by a woman, but one of color. Along those same lines, a Captain Marvel film would be the first female-driven situation. Definitely worthy of note. The next question to ponder though is, if DuVernay accepts the job, which is quite possible, will Marvel allow her some creative freedom or will she be be forced to stick with the established formula? Tune in, when it's time to do so, Fusers!


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