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Marvel Mashups: Hulk vs. Groot

"Vin Diesel is confident it will happen"
Captain America: Civil War is probably one of the top 5 films put out by Marvel since the start of Phase 1. It's got great action, a strong story, and wonderful and unique characters with clearly defined motivations. Another thing it also has is a monumental battle between heroes on opposing sides of an issue that effects the very nature of their being. The selling point for that film essentially came down to a very personal battle between Captain America and Iron Man. Who wouldn't want to watch that fight and see who wins? While we're there, who's down to catch a brawl between Hulk and Groot? Let Vin Diesel tell it, and there will definitely be a battle between the two somewhere down the line before the MCU completes its current phase. Diesel talked to Screen Junkies this week at the Brazil Comic Con to promote his upcoming film xXx: Return of Xander Cage and when asked about the possibility of such a battle he said, "That's an interesting question. I think, if it's up to James Gunn, you're going to see a Groot/Rocket movie after [Avengers] Infinity War. I think that's highly possible. We shall see. I know that, somewhere in the universe , you're going to see Groot and Hulk battle. I know it. You can write it somewhere, you're going to see that poster: Groot vs Hulk." vingroot Not that this battle would qualify as the Batman vs. Superman equivalent, but it would still be equally massive in scope. Variations of a battle between the two have taken place in various media from comic books to animation, but one thing is certain: if it happens in the movies, crowds are sure to be pleased. I'm the meantime though, we've got to get through Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which hits theaters on May 5, 2017.


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