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Marvel Officially Announces New Spider-Man Title

A couple of weeks ago Marvel announced that the Amazing Spider-man would be ending with issue 700. Most fans knew that Spider-man would get a new title for Marvel Now. Most speculated that it would be Superior Spider-man because on the Marvel Now Superior teaser Dan Slott was the writer. Yesterday, Marvel officially announced that fans speculations were true, and in January Dan Slott would be writing a new Spider-man series called Superior Spider-man.

Dan Slott says that the new title will have Spider-man become much darker. The first story arc is called “Hero or Menace”. Does this imply that Spider-man is going to be a villain? We are not ever sure that Spider-man is still Peter Parker. Would he go down this dark road?

What you guys think about the new title? What are your speculations on what will happen with this series? Are you excited that Dan Slott is still on the main Spidey series? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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