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Marvel Relaunches New Warriors This Week

Marvel will be launching another new series as a part of the All-New Marvel Now! Push, though it’s not an entirely title. The New Warriors will relaunch this Wednesday, February 19th, written by Christopher Yost and illustrated by Marcus To. The core of the team will be original members Speedball and Justice as well as the new version of Nova. Along with those three, the cover to the first issue promises five other members, including a Spider-man (though not that one).  

  The original New Warriors comic book series was launched in 1990 by writer Fabien Niceza and artist Mark Bagley. Along with Speedball, Justice (who was called Marvel Boy at the time), Nova, the lineup initially had Firestar, Namorita, and Night Thrasher. The series became a cult hit, with a changing cast of characters, lasting until 1996. During the third volume, the team had an important though dubious role in the crossover miniseries Civil War, as a later version of the team battles a team of villians, including Nitro who destroys the town of Stamford, Connecticut, killing hundreds of people and leading a push to register superhuman.  

  Following the ending of mutant-hood by Scarlet Witch, the New Warriors were re-launched again in 2007 as a group of depowered mutants. The team was composed of secondary X-Men characters, with the most recognizable member being Jubilee (going by the name Wondra). This volume lasted only 20 issues. The new volume of the New Warriors will also feature new versions of characters and new characters Sun Girl, Haechi, Aracely, Water Snake, and Scarlet Spider. The group features an Inhuman, an Atlantean, and a clone (guess which character).     Chris Yost has written many series for Marvel, both in comics and animation, so it will be interesting to see what he has in store for the new New Warriors. It helps that he says that he is a fan of the original 1990's series, so his version may be in the same spirit.  


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