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Marvel Releases New Iron Fist

One of the fan favorite Marvel characters ¬†finally returns in his own ongoing title. Iron Fist has long been associated with the crime fighting duo formed with Luke Cage, and has gone solo before so this development is not quite so shocking. Given the fact that the character is going to be hitting the live action realm with the proposed Netflix show, Marvel giving him a push now is a no-brainer. The upcoming series will be led by Kaare Andrews who calls his story "a bloody, revenge fueled, martial arts epic". It will deal with Iron Fist returning to the mystical Eastern city of K'un-Lun to rediscover his purpose in life.  

All-New Iron Fist

  Andrews cites Steranko's iconic Nick Fury run as a major inspiration, style wise, and calls the overall tale to be "Bruce Wayne without a plan". Fan response to Andrew's undertaking has been primarily positive, which is a major boon for B-List characters such as this. The series kicks off in April an will be a part of the "All-New Marvel Now!" line of relaunches. Thoughts and comments would be appreciated below.


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