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Marvel Teases a Haunted Mansion Comic Book

This week on twitter Marvel teased a Haunted Mansion comic book title for their Disney Kingdoms line. The tweet did not give us a date, but said the title would be coming soon. Haunted Mansion is a Disney attraction at many of the Disney theme parks including Disneyland and Disney World. Disney-Kingdoms-Seekers-of-the-Weird-1-Cover-5cb9d A few titles that have been part of the Disney Kingdoms line are Seekers of the Weird, Figment and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Seekers of the Weird was also related to Haunted Mansion. The attraction the book was based on was a Haunted Mansion related attraction that was never built at Disneyland. Are you excited about Haunted Mansion getting its own comic book? What other Disney attractions do you want to see expand into comic books? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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