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Marvel Teases Shadowland

Hitting comic shelves this July from Marvel, comes Shadowland: Battle For The Soul of New York. Written by Andy Diggle (Losers) the current writer of Daredevil and drawn by Billy Tan (Darkness). The story focuses around the Shadowland, which is a prison/temple built on the aftermath in Hell’s Kitchen from Bullseye during Dark Reign.

The five issue series will take place in part with Daredevil #507-511, and will focus on Daredevil’s new-found roll as the leader of the Hand. Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, has eliminated crime in Hell’s Kitchen but using the international ninja crime group as a “force of justice.” Members of the super-human community get themselves involved and Daredevil finds unlikely allies and enemies as he crosses lines he’s never been forced to cross before. Marvel guarantees the story will change the way Daredevil is look upon in the Marvel Universe.Shadowland

Marvel released a teaser highlighting a few of the key players of the story. In the image a bearded Punisher is pumping rounds into Spider-Man’s chest. Other characters to appear in the book include: Elektra, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Captain America, Wolverine, and Moon Knight.



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