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Marvel Teases Upcoming Patriotic-Themed U.S.Avengers

Marvel Comics’ Civil War II has only recently begun and it still has a ways to go until it’s finished. Still, the company has already begun teasing elements of their universe post-CWII, something they are calling “Marvel NOW!” A new series called U.S.Avengers will be another entry in the “Marvel NOW!” initiative. It is quite possible that this series will actually replace New Avengers because it features some of the same characters and the same creative team. Writer Al Ewing and artist Paco Medina, the creators on New Avengers right now, will be the initial team behind U.S.Avengers.   U.S. Avengers cover   While it’s not clear if patriotism will be a huge story element of the U.S.Avengers, it will be a big part of the look of the team. The initial line-up is a mix of old characters, some recent ones and a few very new heroes. Roberto da Costa/Sunspot, the wealthy head of A.I.M. (a formerly evil group that was known as “Advanced Idea Mechanics”), will essentially be the leader of the team. Cannonball, a fellow New Mutants-founding member, is also on the team. Both Sunspot and Cannonball became Avengers originally during Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers run (starting in 2013).   Other known Marvel characters on the team are Squirrel Girl, who has had quite the renaissance over the past few years, and Red Hulk, now sporting the thick mustache of his alter ego, Thunderbolt Ross. While I don’t know why Rulk needs guns, I do like that his new appearance means a possibility of Nick Offerman getting a role in a Marvel movie. Some of the lesser-known members of the U.S.Avengers include Pod, a Finnish girl who has been bonded to an armor suit and has been working with da Costa for a while. Toni Yinsen, the daughter of the scientist that originally assisted Tony Start in building the Iron Man suit, will be the new Iron Patriot.   New Avengers #12 - U.S. Avengers   The final member of the book will be Danielle Cage, a future version of Captain America and daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. However, Cage might be an adversary at first. Ewing said, “Danielle Cage, the Captain America of about thirty years in the future, who’ll be joining us for at least the first arc, as an enemy from her time comes to ours to stir up trouble." The new U.S.Avengers title features some compelling characters, though it does lack one true star. It is possible that the new title is just a pivot on the same New Avengers story since that title also doesn't feature a Marvel star. U.S.Avengers will be a part of the “Marvel NOW!” platform and will come out in the fall.


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