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Marvel Unveils All-New “Marvel NOW!” Titles

Marvel Comics revamped a number of their series in late 2012 under the banner of "Marvel NOW!" Rather than an entire universe reboot like DC has done, Marvel opted to shift prominent creators off their signature titles and move them to other books (for instance, longtime Avengers writer Brian Michael Bendis moved to handling X-Men). They also re-launched a number of titles with new #1's, making it easier for new readers to jump onto the title. This fall Marvel will try to build on the success of "Marvel NOW!" with a new group of titles. The previously-announced Inhuman series will part of the next "All-New Marvel NOW!" as will a new Invaders series.

It was already known that Inhuman would spin out of the current Infinity miniseries, which involves Black Bolt and the Inhumans. There are not many details about the specific storyline of Inhuman, but there are rumors that there will be new Inhumans, perhaps through exposure to the Terrigan Mist (which granted the original Inhumans their abilities). The creators on Inhuman will be writer Matt Fraction and artist Joe Madiurera. Marvel did unveil the cover to Inhuman #1 after a short marketing campaign featuring cryptic teasers.

Inhuman 1

All-New Invaders brings back many of the original WWII-era team members in a story set in present day. So the group – Captain America, Namor, the original Human Torch, and Bucky (now known as Winter Soldier) – reunites to face a new enemy: the Kree. Given the damage Namor did as a part of the Phoenix entity in AvX, it will be interesting to see how he gets along with Captain America. The series will be written by James Robinson (Starman, JSA) and illustrated by Steve Pugh (Animal Man).

Invaders 1

Captain America will also figure prominently in the new Avengers portion of "All-New Marvel NOW!" Although Jonathan Hickman will continue to write Avengers and it will not start with a new #1, the December issue will be branded as #24.NOW. In this story (featuring art by Esad Ribic), Cap and Iron Man select a new team of Avengers to combat an entire planet that is heading towards Earth.

Avergers 24

Another cool feature of "All-New Marvel NOW!" is that some not-new titles will come with a code for a free copy of previous issues in the title so readers can get caught up. There will likely be other books launched or re-launched under the next wave of "All-New Marvel NOW!" We'll keep you updated as news comes out.


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