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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: More Characters Revealed

As New York Comic Con rolls on, the announcements continue to come in. One of the latest is Marvel’s announcement of two new characters for the hyped Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and both characters are, strangely enough, Capcom fighters.

The first is Arthur from the famed Ghost ‘n’ Goblins series, sporting his trademark javelin. He begins each battle wearing his full suit of armor, which can be knocked off with enough hits. It is unclear whether or not the loss of the armor affects his move set or his defensive stats, but if it does it could definitely flesh out the character and make him stand out among the crowd.


You can check out his gameplay video below:



The second character announced today was Nathan Spencer from 2009’s Bionic Commando. He retains his mechanical arm, which is really at the core of his move set. He uses the arm to keep characters in range of his attacks, and also to extend the duration of his combos. The arm can reach all over the map, and Spencer could potentially be a very hard opponent to counter.


You can check out his gameplay video below:



Marvel also had unveiled another little tidbit to make the fans drool, as they announced the alternate costumes for Spider-man: Iron Spider, Symbiote Costume, and a new outfit being introduced in Dan Slott’s upcoming “Big Time” comics.


For those keeping count at home, that brings the total amount of characters to 24. That number won’t stand long, because Marvel is set to reveal two more characters at its game conference tomorrow. I can’t wait.

What do you think of the new characters? Do you agree with the additions to the roster? Let us know in the comments below.


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